Natural medicine in Managua, Nicaragua

We dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of enfermadad by the method of biomagnetic pair discovered by dr. Isaac goiz duran. We also.

Biomagnetismo Médico Sol Naciente

We dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of enfermadad by the method of biomagnetic pair discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. We also have a team of pulsed magnetic fields of low frequency.
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Centro Naturista Vital

Centro Naturista Vital We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of Nicaraguan families, with natural products and personalized advice to health care and aesthetics, at reasonable prices and with the highest standards of quality.
We offer all kinds of alternative therapies: acupuncture, moxibustion, therapeutic massages, metamorphic therapy, reflexology, among others.
We advise on nutrition, vegetarian cuisine and stress management.
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Natural products in Nicaragua -
We are pioneering in the construction of networks of trade and sales of products omnilife for its health and beauty. We are distributing independent of...

Acupuntura en los Estados Unidos -
Es un placentero lugar para vitalizar y equilibrar la armonía que el ser humano requiere para mantener una vida sana, relajada y purificada. Ofrece terapias...

Par Biomagnético Tininiska Los Robles

Offering comprehensive health through natural and alternative therapies
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Par Biomagnetico

Diagnosis and Treatment, Medical Biomagnetism, Magnet.
Biomagnetic Pair. Therapeutic technique to diagnose and cure a number of diseases.
In practice, the magnetism shows that applying magnets of certain strength and polarity at specific points of the body, time gets short exterminate viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites, including some diseases for which conventional medicine does not always recognize a microbial etiology More...
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